Here is my running list of Korean dramas I've watched over the years. The ones with stars are amazing! Definitely check those out first if you're new to the K-drama world.
You can watch them for free (and legal!) at dramafever.com

  1. ***Master’s Sun (ghosty fun, and so amazingly awesome)
  2. *Young Love Jae-In (Glory Jane)
  3. *** Arang and the Magistrate
  4. **Faith (The Great Doctor)
  5. **Sungkyunkwan Scandal (one of the best kissing scenes ever!)
  6. Boys Over Flowers
  7. City Hunter
  8. The Moon That Embraces the Sun
  9. ***Rooftop Prince (hilarious!)
  10. Heirs (booooooo!)
  11. Goong
  12. My Princess
  13. *I Miss You (so tragic, but so, so good!)
  14. You’re Beautiful
  15. My Girl
  16. My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)
  17. Coffee Prince
  18. Playful Kiss
  19. Time Slip Dr. Jin
  20. The King of Dramas
  21. *********My Love From Another Star (the best drama ever! I'm serious. Watch this one!)
  22. Shining Inheritance
  23. Three Days
  24. Bride of the Century
  25. Emergency Couple
  26. Gu Family Book
  27. You Are All Surrounded
  28. The Joseon Gunman
  29. ***Love Rain
  30. To the Beautiful You
  31. A Werewolf Boy (movie) ** awesome!
  32. King 2 Hearts
  33. *****Pinocchio (gosh, I love this one to pieces!)
  34. Secret Door (haven’t finished)
  35. Hyde, Jekyll, and I
  36. *Sensory Couple (so cute!)
  37. Lie to Me
  38. ***Falling in Love with Soon Jung (LOVE!)
  39. My Love Eun Dong
  40. Oh My Ghostess
  41. The Scholar Who Walks the Night
  42. Doctor Stranger
  43. **Healer
  44. Oh My Venus
  45. Remember
  46. Trot Lovers (currently watching)
  47. Moorim School
  48. Descendants of the Sun
  49. Kill Me, Heal Me

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